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How to Prepare for CDS Exam? CDSE Paper Pattern | CDS Preparation Tips to Crack Combined Defence Service Exam.

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) department is going to conduct CDS exam 2017. Participants need to check their eligibility criteria for CDS exam before submitting CDS online application form. After completing this process, you should start your CDS written exam preparation. here Study Sector Guide provides you complete details about UPSC CDS Exam. Check CDS Preparation tips and How can we prepare for CDS exam?

What is CDS Exam?
CDS full form is Combined Defence Service Exam. CDS Exam conducts by UPSC Department two times in a year (CDS 1) & (CDS 2). This written exam organized to take admission in Indian military academy (IMA), Indian naval academy (INA), Air force academy (AFA), Officers Training Academy (OTA). Successfully qualified candidates called for Interview by Service Selection Board (SSB).

CDSE Exam Notification normally released in November (CDS I) and July (CDS II) month of every year and exam will be conducted in CDS 1 – February and CDS 2 – October month. Take a look at CDS Exam paper pattern for detailed information about CDS syllabus subjects and how many questions and marks with CDS paper time duration etc.

CDS Preparation Tips with CDS Exam Study Plan

CDS Paper includes 3 subjects General knowledge, English and Elementary Mathematics. All papers have 100 marks with a time duration of 02 hours. For admission in IMA, INA, AFA paper contains 3 subjects and for OTA courses, you will face only two subjects with 200 marks. check complete details about CDS Exam pattern is given below the table.
CDS Question paper pattern – IMA, Naval Academy, Air Force Academy.

Paper CDS Paper Marks Duration
I English Paper 100 2 hours
II General Knowledge 100
III Mathematics 100
Total 300

CDS Question paper pattern – OTA

Paper CDS Paper Marks Duration
I English 100 2 hours
II General Knowledge 100
Total 200

What to Prepare for CDS Exam?
Participants must aware about that what should you need to prepare for CDS? first. you should download or check Complete UPSC CDS Exam Syllabus first to get exact CDS exam syllabus topics and their importance in CDS exam. CDS Exam paper is an objective type paper. check CDS subjects wise details in given table below.

CDS English Paper CDS GK Paper CDS Maths Paper
  • Spotting Errors Questions
  • Sentence Arrangement
  • Synonyms & Antonyms
  • Selecting Words
  • Ordering of Sentence
  • Comprehension Questions
  • Vocabulary Preparation
  • Fill in the blanks questions
  • Latest Current Affairs
  • Indian Constitution
  • Indian History
  • Indian Economy
  • Indian Geography
  • Indian Politics
  • Indian Navy & Military
  • Religions
  • Banking Sector
  • Universities
  • Books & Authors
  • Taxation
  • Sports – Awards etc.
  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • Mensuration
  • Statistics

How to Prepare for UPSC CDS Exam?

Here we are talking about CDS Exam Preparation tips which you can consider in your study plan of prepare for CDS recruitment. Firstly you should get proper UPSC CDS Study material such as CDS Exam previous question papers, CDS preparation books, and CDS notes topic wise. Now check the complete guide to preparing for CDS Exam subject wise. by helping of these given tips for CDS I 2017, you can easily crack CDS exam in one attempt.

How to Prepare English for CDS Exam?
CDS Preparation tips for English – Most of the students are afraid of English section and not gain enough marks in English section and always searching the perfect answer of How to prepare CDS English Paper? English question paper includes 120 questions of 100 marks with a time duration of 02 hours. Through this paper, examiner tests your basic English skills in many ways and different types of Grammar and Vocabulary questions. Let’s check some great CDS Exam English preparation tips here.

  • Check Complete CDS English Syllabus first.
  • To prepare for English, you should develop the habit of reading. you can improve your reading habit via many sources like English Newspapers, Magazines, Notes, books etc. and also enhance your English writing, English speaking, and English listening habits. Make new words lists on a daily basis and try to use it in many sentences. Also, may join English speaking classes too.
  • Set Proper Time management for all grammar and vocabulary sections. Give more time to weak sections.
  • Try some CDS English online test for an exact idea of CDS English paper. also, check and try to solve UPSC CDS Last Year English question papers.
  • Divide all sections and prepare for one by one.
  • Buy some CDS English preparation books to clear the concept. check CDS preparation tips to score well.

How to Prepare General Knowledge (GK) for CDS Exam?
CDS Preparation tips for GK – CDS General Knowledge paper is an objective type paper of 100 marks with 120 questions. CDS GK Paper questions include mainly topics from Constitution, History, Economy, Geography, Politics, Navy & Military and Latest current affairs etc. you can easily get right answer of question How to prepare CDS GK Paper? by trying these given east steps to prepare for CDS Exam.

  • Check Complete CDS GK Syllabus First.
  • Read Newspapers on a daily basis with consternation this habit increase you the overall General knowledge and also grab some magazines and notes that cover various topics ranging from economy to business to trade policies to the latest awardees in the fields of sports, art, literature etc.
  • Buy CDS GK Preparation Books it helps you to check previous years and upcoming expected major topics questions.
  • Do more practice with Online GK test for CDS Exam via CDS mock test, CDS speed test, and CDS practice papers.

How to Prepare Mathematics for CDS Exam?
CDS Preparation tips for maths – UPSC CDS Elementary Mathematics paper contains 100 objective type questions 100 marks. this paper standard almost similar to matriculation. Check How to prepare CDS Maths Paper? It contains questions from Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry etc. to easily crack this section you should have to master in important formulas for CDS mathematics exam.

  • Check Complete CDS Maths Syllabus First.
  • Make a list of important formulas, theorems and tips check some of here Geometry formulas for Circle, Rectangle, Square, tangents etc. Speed Distance and Time-related questions, Math Formula For Area & surface area, Math Formula For Volume, Maths Formulas Of Number System etc to prepare for CDS.
  • Practice more and more to get success in maths. Try more questions to solve.
  • Familiar with Maths important formulas and write down all at one place for last minute preparation.
  • Try CDS Maths online test for practice. and Check UPSC CDS Solved papers for exact idea and calculation behind the question.
  • Buy CDS Maths question syllabus books for better understand the concept of How to study for UPSC CDS Exam?
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How to Prepare for UPSC CDS Physical & Medical Exam?

Students those are going to participate in UPSC Examination 2017 for CDS Exam must have physically and mentally fit and fine with no mental breakdown record in past. you can check complete CDS physical eligibility criteria here and must check UPSC CDS Preparation tips below. Because the physical and medical test also plays an important role in CDS Exam so you should prepare for it.

  • Must put your weight and height on a standard scale. So regular exercise and running are musts.
  • Must check up your whole body before CDS Examination for any type of disease.

Medical Interview –
All participants must go through a medical test only when they clear the SSB interview. and may be different criteria for all forces Army, Navy, and Air Force. Prepare for UPSC CDS Exam this is also a major part of this exam medical examination.

  • CDS Preparation tips – Regular exercise keeps you fit and fine with proper weight. Take a full checkup of your whole body to clear the doubt of any type of hidden disease so you can cure it at the right time.
  • Eat healthily and be the focus on exam preparation.
  • Have yourself medically examined before you take the CDS exam, just to avoid any surprises

Personal Interview – Intelligence and Personality Test
how to prepare for CDS Interview? those candidates successfully qualified in CDS written test they are called for Intelligence and Personality test which will be conducted by the Services Selection Board (SSB). This test judge a candidate of his intelligence, personality, and his ability to be chosen as an officer in the Defence Forces. There are several components included in the test like Psychological Tests, Group Discussion, Intelligence Tests, Outdoor activities, Opinion on issues, Physical Fitness etc. here are few UPSC CDS tips – tricks to help you clear this test.

  • Self-confidence – You should have the ability to express yourself in a beautiful manner with a positive energy. having the courage and cheerful attitude.
  • Sharp your communication skills.
  • Increase General awareness about all around the country.
  • Present a nice personality example on the front of them you should have the ability to impress them by the way of talking and other activities what you do there.
  • Try to conceive yourself a team leader which will help in successfully carrying out teamwork.
  • Think before done and behave like an officer (proper manner and respectfully)

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Tips To Crack UPSC CDS Exam – CDS Preparation tips

All aspirants who are participating in this CDSE start their CDS Exam Preparation before a few days ago because of they already busy in their studies OR other job working schedule. here you find some of the best techniques to prepare UPSC CDS 2017.

  1. Proper planning – You should have first planned your study. proper planning gives you complete output otherwise, you left many important topics of CDS Exam. Maintain a routine for all subjects set time for every subject. and focus on one topic at a time.
  2. Syllabus knowledge – You should have complete Syllabus of Combined Defence service exam (CDSE) it gives proper way that what topic are coming in the exam and what is their value in the exam. So you can easily plan your studies separately for all subjects. you must know what to prepare exactly.
  3. Update yourself – Students needs to update themselves to prepare for CDS by many ways like Reading Newspapers, Watching News channels, Join many events which are suitable to enhance your overall General knowledge. Must aware about all around the country what new government activities and policies, politics, sports, banking sector, RBI functions and policies, share market, technology world etc.
  4. Time management – This is one of the valuable weapons of every competition exam not only for CDS Exam. Examiner design paper in this way that how fast you are he test your speed. So you should set proper time for all subjects because without time setting you are just wasting your time here and there. Time management is also important while your CDS Exam Preparation also. Test yourself before exam much time as a trial. this trick can help you lot in your UPSC Exam. Also, check more about on this topic here: – Time management tips for CDS Exam.
  5. Study Topic wise – You should start your CDS preparation topic wise. The first complete one subject then starts another this trick helps you to focus more on a single subject to better understand it. many students ask me that How to prepare CDS at home? this is the fine answer of that question – Study topic wise with proper time management get you success in an easy way. Plan everything before.
  6. Practice makes perfect – Always remember that how much you practice you sharp yourself for CDS Exam. try UPSC CDS model papers and prepare for CDS online with many test series, mock test etc. Also, check CDS previous year question papers for a better idea of the exam. you can also take coaching for CDS exam too. CDS Combined Defence Services Examination: 10 Practice Sets.
  7. Officer’s attitude – You are going to apply for an Officer post so you should behave like an Officer. You should be sincere and calm while judgments at every time this shows your personality to become an officer. Your personality to handle situations plays a major role in near future if you will qualify for written exam. Best Of Luck.

  8. Positive Attitude with confidence – You should have to build up your self-confidence that you can crack CDS Exam. and must have the positive attitude about yourself and CDS Exam that you can. After all the Defence Forces is all about courage and confidence. take proper diet to keeps you healthy.

  9. CDS Preparation books – Books are the major source of study material for CDS Exam. So Buy some top most books for CDS it gives you more information and idea close to the exam and also expected questions for upcoming CDS Exam. Check Best Book to Prepare for CDS Exam below.

What to do in last week for improving score in CDS Exam?

Students need to check these Last Minute Tips For CDS Exam these CDS I 2017 preparation tips helps you to perform well in CDSE. Firstly, at last, time don’t afraid about that How to prepare for CDS OTA Exam? because this is not a right time to think about this now you can focus on these given “CDS preparation tips”.

  • Make small notes for every useful topic and formula to revise it at the last time this will decrease your time and effort to get valuable information just in one step. you don’t need to search in books, computer or online anywhere.
  • Don’t panic about what you can’t prepare this time is not for add more information. take this time for revision the topics which you are prepared well. In last week, you should revise more topics.
  • Time management is compulsory for all topics don’t waste time on a single question or topic during CDS preparation or CDS exam time. move towards second and then third, fourth … first attempt what you know well then the weaker part.
  • Always remember that negative marking is also taking effect on your every wrong answer so you should avoid by chance answer it may hurt your overall score.
  • Also, take Online Mock test trial at last time about analyzing the final speed and your preparation about UPSC defense exam.
  • Check some upsc last year question papers for a better idea of the upcoming CDS exam question paper. Now you answer the question How to prepare for CDS Entrance exam?

What types of questions asked in CDS Exam?
UPSC CDS Exam is a tough competition large number of students apply for it. so you should prepare for every topic for each subject. don’t take any subject easy overall score depends on all subjects. Read carefully CDS preparation tips given above. Meanwhile after analysis of UPSC CDS previous year papers we recommend you some of the major topics of CDS Exam which can definitely help you to score well.

CDS Exam topics – These are mix topics for all subjects which you should consider as major topics like CDS English topics Grammar Preparation, Vocabulary Preparation, Comprehension Skills, Spelling Mistakes, Sentence formation etc. CDS GK topics Indian history, Indian Geography, Culture, Indian economy, politics etc. CDS Maths topics Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Statistics etc. you must complete these topics well most of the questions in CDS Exam are coming from these topics from last few years.

Hope you find something useful in this article about How to crack CDS Exam? share it with your friends, community, groups and other students who really need it or prepare for cds. If you have any suggestion, query or past experience of CDS Entrance Exam or CDS Interview share with us to help other aspirants for cds preparation you can use our comment section below and like our Facebook page and also subscribe our latest UPSC exam updates via email. Check other UPSC Exam latest notification here.

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