CDS Salary 2020 Structure + Career (Indian Army, Navy, Air force, OTA Officer)

Latest CDS Salary 2020 – UPSC CDS Officer Salary Structure with Allowances for Indian Army, Navy, Airforce & Officer Training Academy (OTA).

NAVY, ARMY, AIRFORCE. these three tag signatures on the personality of any individual activate Goosebumps whoever sees them. Being a part of any of these well-reputed signatures is a subject of pride in it and every strong heart wants to be a part of the national service.

If you are one among those who want to serve the nation on the titles of these three signatures, then you have to fight CDS exam, i.e., Combined Defence Service (CDS), which is conducted by the UPSC board. UPSC Stands for Union Public Service Commission.

The CDS 2020 salary structure of officer grades is also very attractive and the salary package is always the first outlook that is sought by every interesting individual. So, this article is designed for those readers who want to analyze the CDS Officer Salary Details such as Gross Salary, In hand Salary, Benefits, Facilities, Perks, Career, and Promotion.
In this article, we will cover the followings

  • UPSC CDS Salary in Hand Post wise
  • UPSC CDS Grade Pay Post Wise
  • Training Stipend
  • Rank and Promotions
  • Qualification Pay and Grant:
  • Indian Navy & Air force officer Expected Salary
  • Indian Army Officer Expected Monthly Salary
  • Other Facilities
  • UPSC CDS Officer other Allowances and Perks
  • UPSC CDS Salary after 7th pay commission
  • UPSC CDS Promotion & Career Growth

Let us pick each topic one by one-

CDS Salary Package 2020 in Detail


  • CDS Army Officer Salary 2020
  • CDS Navy Salary 2020
  • CDS Airforce Salary 2020
  • CDS Officer Training Academy Salary 2020

UPSC CDS Grade Pay Post Wise

Grade Pay for every officer rank is different. It usually lies between 5400 to 8900 per month. This payment is paid when the officer is promoted and this is added to his current basic pay.

LIEUTENANT PB-3/15600-39100 5400 6000
CAPTAIN PB-3/15600-39100 6100 6000
MAJOR PB-3/15600-39100 6600 6000
LT COLONEL PB-4/37400-67000 8000 6000
COLONEL PB-4/37400-67000 8700 6000
BRIGADIER PB-4/37400-67000 8900 6000
MAJOR GENERAL PB-4/37400-67000 10000 NIL

Here MSP is the Military Service Pay which is fixed and is paid to Lieutenant to Brigadier level posts.

Training Stipend

UPSC CDS Officer Training Salary – The stipend is given to those appointed candidates who are in their probation period and are learning to execute operations in their domain. For practicing and operating their job roles, they are given the stipend.

Make sure that the trainees are given a stipend, while the permanent employees after probation are given salaries. So trainees are provided a stipend of Rs 21000 per month. Into this 15600 is included as the Pay band and 5400 as the grade pay.

Qualification Pay and Grant:

The candidates or the officers who have been selected for the CDS will be provided grants according to their qualifications. The high qualification will obviously yield high grant pay to them.

There are certain qualifications which if possessed by an officer will be granted a lump sum Qualification Grant of 6,000/-, 9000/-, 15000/- or 20,000/- based on the qualification held by them.

Qualification grants given to officers belong to Army Aviators (pilots), serving in Army Aviation Corps are provided the grants as per their rankings. These are mentioned as under-

  • Master Aviation Instructor Rs 500/- p.m.
  • Senior Aviation Instructor Class I Rs 400/- p.m.
  • Senior Aviation Instructor Class II              Rs 280/- p.m.
  • Aviators holding Master Green Card Rs 400/- p.m.
  • Aviators holding Green Card Rs 280/- p.m.
  • The Brigadier and above get the flying allowance of Rs 10500/-
  • Similarly, Major to Colonel Grade get the allowance of Rs14000/-
  • Captain and Equivalent get the allowance of Rs11000/-
  • Lt and Equivalent get an allowance of Rs9000/-

Indian Navy & Airforce Officer Salary Structure

There are several ranks/posts which fall under the Navy force. These are

  • Lieutenant
  • Major
  • Major General
  • Lieutenant General HAG scale
  • VCO / AS / Army Cdr / Lt Gen (NFSG)
  • COAS

Lieutenant is the very first cadre and lowest scale post while the consecutive promotions include Major, Major General, and the highest scale is COAS. COAS is the Chief of the Army Staff is the highest-ranking officer and is a four-star officer.

The below table will let you know the expected salary for each post. It will give you an idea about the officers in a particular rank range.

CDS INA/AFA Salary 2020

Rank Pay Band (Expected Salary)
Lt. to Major Rs 15,600-39,100 ( PB-3 )
Lt. Col. to Major Gen. Rs 37,400-67,000 ( PB-4 )
Lt. Gen. HAG Scale Rs 67,000/- ( annual increment @ 3% ) – 79.000
HAG Scale* (* Admissible to 1/3rd of total strength of Lt. Gens) Rs 75,500/- ( annual increment @ 3% ) – 80,000
VCO / AS / Army Cdr / Lt Gen ( NFSG ) Rs 80,000/- ( Fixed )
COAS 90,000/- ( Fixed )

Indian Army Officer Monthly Salary Structure

In the below table, you will get a clear idea about the salary through CDS of each rank officer. In this, you will get the expected salary, of which additional are Grade Pay and the MSP.

MSP is the Military Service Pay which is given to those officers who fall in between Lieutenant and the Brigadier post. They get the fixed amount of MSP and that is Rs 6000.

CDS IMA Salary 2020

LIEUTENANT PB-3/15600-39100 5400 6000
CAPTAIN PB-3/15600-39100 6100 6000
MAJOR PB-3/15600-39100 6600 6000
LT COLONEL PB-4/37400-67000 8000 6000
COLONEL PB-4/37400-67000 8700 6000
BRIGADIER PB-4/37400-67000 8900 6000
MAJOR GENERAL PB-4/37400-67000 10000 NIL

Other Facilities

  • Apart from the above-mentioned grade pay a fixed sum of Rs 6000/- per month is also payable as Military Service Pay (MSP)
  • Aspirants will get a fixed Stipend of Rs 21,000/- per month (Rs15, 600/- as pay in Pay Band plus Grade Pay of 5,400/-) during the entire training duration.
  • Not only that an officer possessing certain prescribed qualifications is also entitled to an average Qualification Grant. It may vary to Rs 6,000/- Rs 20,000/- (based on the qualification held by the officer).
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UPSC CDS Officer Allowances and Perks

Those who are selected to serve the Army Aviation Corps (AAC) are recruited on the Army Aviators (pilot) post and they are meant to enjoy the following kind of allowances. In the Army Aviators, there are many posts like the Brigadier, COAS, AVO, Major and Major Colonel.

  • The Brigadier and above get the flying allowance of Rs 10500/-
  • Similarly, Major to Colonel Grade get the allowance of Rs14000/-
  • Captain and Equivalent get the allowance of Rs11000/-
  • Lt and Equivalent get the allowance of Rs9000/-

Other allowances include

Dearness Allowance

DA is the cost of living, which is adjusted to the Basic Pay of the individual. What the Civilian Gazette Officers get for DA and under what conditions, the same criteria are applicable to the DA of the CDS officers.

Kit maintenance allowance:  Rs.400/- per month

Siachen Allowance: The officers who are serving on the Siachen Border are entitled to get Rs14000 per month in addition to the compensatory Field area allowance. It will be not applicable when there is another high altitude place for the unpleasant or incompatible climate. The 14000 per month allowance will be given to all rank officers.

Uniform Allowances: Initially, the officers will receive a one-time kit @ Rs 14,000/- and after that, they will receive Rs 3,000/- for every three years. They will receive free rations.

Transport Allowance-

The transport allowance is applicable in two categories:

  • In A-1/A class cities Rs. 3,200/- + DA thereon p.m.
  • At other places 1,600/- + DA thereon p.m

Children’s Education Allowance- The officers are also given allowances for their children’s education by the government and it will be provided as per the government criteria.

Field Area Allowance:

There are many officers in the CDS field, who are appointed at various fields and depending on those field places, they are given perks. What are those perks at what sensitive field, let’s see under-

  • The Compensatory Highly active field allowance rates are Rs. 6,780/- to Rs. 8,400/- p.m.
  • Compensatory Field Area Allowance at the rate of Rs. 4,200/- to Rs. 5,200/- p.m.
  • Compensatory Modified Field Area Allowance at the rate of Rs. 1,600/- to Rs. 2,000/- p.m.
  • Additionally, officers posted to the areas situated at a height of 9,000 ft. and above enjoy an extra High Altitude Allowance in the range of Rs. 1,060 p.m. to Rs. 11,200 pm.
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CDS Officer Career and Promotions

Rank and Promotions

The Highest rank enjoyed by the officer in the Army is the COAS or it can be the Major general. The officer starts its journey in the military from the Lieutenant post and then he gets promoted on various scales. He is promoted to Major post and then to major colonel and then to Brigadier.

The journey of promotions can take place in two ways.

The officer can be either promoted due to his up-to-the-mark performances in services fulfilling all the criteria and passing all the benchmarks. And the second way is to get promotion with the time being, which is given to every officer as the time passes by.

The first option, I.e. to achieve promotion by doing well is achieved quickly but the latter is time-consuming.

UPSC CDS Salary after 7th pay commission

The 7th pay commission was introduced from 1st January 2016, wherein not only the pay bands of the officers were expected to increase but also their grade pay, allowances, starting salary and the increment rate also increases.

The CDS salary structure 2020 which you have seen and observed above is all designed according to the 7th pay commission.


The 7th pay commission has benefitted a lot to all rank officers by increasing their salary to a substantial amount. Not only the pay scale has increased but also the grade pay plus the allowances have increased the hiked percentage.

Being a part of the nation server is a reputation matter and a feeling of pride in itself. You should surely join this Army Kent, not for enjoying the CDS Post salary but to test your passion for the nation.

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Thanks for reading the article.

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