NDA Salary 2020 Allowances, Benefits, Promotion, and Training Period

Latest NDA Salary 2020 – UPSC NDA Officer Salary with Allowances, Benefits, Promotion, and Training Period + Career Growth for Indian Army, Navy, Airforce.

If you are also seeking the details of NDA, that is, National Defense Academy, then you must be eager to find the salary after NDA exam. Well, it feels happy to inform you that after 7th pay commission the NDA salary package has improved even better than what it was in the last.

Although the 7th pay commission has not been implemented yet but, still without it, the salary structure attracts the aspirants to fight for this examination. For your kind information, we’d like to tell you that NDA Exam 2020 is conducted by the Union Public service commission (UPSC) board and it has a process of selection.

NDA Officer Salary Structure 2020

In this article, we will tell you everything which is related to the salary structure. We will talk about the following topics-

  • UPSC NDA Grade Pay Post Wise
  • Training Stipend
  • Expected NDA Salary in Hand Post wise
  • Rank and Promotions
  • Qualification Pay and Grant
  • NDA Salary in Indian Navy & Air force officer
  • NDA Salary in Indian Army Officer Monthly Salary
  • Other Facilities
  • NDA Officer other Allowances and Perks
  • NDA Salary after 7th pay commission
  • NDA Promotion & Career Growth

So, there is much to discuss and time is so less. Let’s start without wasting any more second-


NDA Grade Pay Post Wise

The grade pay is that pay which every employee gets in addition to his basic salary. The grade pay signifies that whenever the person will get promotion in his cadre, then the salary of NDA cadet will obviously increase, and to what extent it would be increased is tell by this grade pay.

Suppose in the below table, if the current salary of lieutenant is Rs30000 and after promotion, he has been promoted at just next level, then he gets +5400 salary, that is 30,000+5400- 35400 Rs.

So, what are the grade pay of the various ranking officers in the NDA have been tabulated below?

NDA Officer post wise salary details

Rank Pay Bands/Scale Grade Pay MSP
Lieutenant PB-3/15600-39100 5400 6000
Captain PB-3/15600-39100 6100 6000
Major PB-3/15600-39100 6600 6000
LT Colonel PB-4/37400-67000 8000 6000
Colonel PB-4/37400-67000 8700 6000
Brigadier PB-4/37400-67000 8900 6000
Major General PB-4/37400-67000 10000 NIL

Training Stipend

NDA Training Period salary – Whenever a candidate is selected for the NDA examination, he has been given the training to execute the operation for which his job role meant for. For this, he has to go through the training process in which he gets a stipend also. For trainees, we use the term Stipend for the amount they earn, instead of the salary because till the time they have not become the permanent employees.

So, there is a fixed stipend earned by every scale officer during the entire NDA training period and that is INR 21000 per month. This stipend is already including the pay band and the grade pay. Therefore, whether you are a lieutenant, or a colonel or whatever, during your training tenure you will get the stipend of Rs21000 (INR 15,600/- as pay in Pay Band plus Grade Pay of INR 5,400/-).

UPSC NDA Salary in Hand Post wise

This is the most sought keyword by the number of aspirants over the internet. The in-hand salary is one that is passed to the officer after deducting all the taxes and after including all the allowance and perks. This is the neat and clean NDA officer’s basic salary which is given to the officer to enjoy his livelihood.

NDA Navy, Airforce & Army Officer Salary Scale

Rank Pay Bands/Scale
Lieutenant PB-3/15600-39100
Captain PB-3/15600-39100
Major PB-3/15600-39100
LT Colonel PB-4/37400-67000
Colonel PB-4/37400-67000
Brigadier PB-4/37400-67000
Major General PB-4/37400-67000

NDA Rank and Promotions

Qualification Pay and Grant:
Qualification, as you all know, is the degree of your education. In NDA, there is a criterion that if you hold a prescribed qualification as specified by the NDA, then you will be granted extra pay and grant.

The UPSC NDA Qualification grant amounts to INR 6000/-, 9000/-, 15000/- or 20,000/- and this amount is applied to given to the officers according to their qualification value.

NDA Qualification grant according to the Officer rank is detailed below:

  1. Master Aviation Instructor- INR 500/- p.m.
  2. Senior Aviation Instructor Class I– INR 400/- p.m.
  3. Senior Aviation Instructor Class II– INR 280/- p.m.
  4. Aviators holding Master Green Card– INR 400/- p.m.
  5. Aviators holding Green Card– INR 280/- p.m.
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NDA Salary and other Facilities

In addition to the basic salary, grade pay, the officers of NDA are entitled to receive extra facilities also. They include perks and allowances. These are dearness allowances, transport allowance, uniform allowance, field allowance etc. in this section we will read about each allowance and perk in detail.

NDA Officer other Allowances and Perks

Dearness Allowance-
‘Mahangai Bhatta’, this is the commonly known term in Hindi which is understood by the people in a layman language. It is the cost of living adjustments. Whenever the cost of living increases in the economy, the government pays the employees the adjusted amount to live his livelihood. This is called as the dearness allowance.

What the civilian gazetted officers get in time conditions, same are provided to the NDA officers this Dearness allowances.
A kit maintenance allowances of Rs. 400/- p.m.

Field Area Allowance-
This allowance is attached to the NDA army officer salary. There is a kind of field where officers are posted. The areas where they are posted are subject to get the field area allowance and that the allowance amount depends upon the sensitivity or the area of posting. Further, it also depends upon the rank of the officer who is posted over there.

So, the officer posted to Field Areas will be eligible for compensatory Highly Active Field Area Allowance at the rate of Rs. 6,780/- to 8,400/- p.m. Compensatory Field Area Allowance at the rate of Rs. 4,200/- to 5,200/- p.m. and Compensatory Modified Field Area Allowance at the rate of Rs. 1,600/ to 2,000/- p.m.

If the area is situated at 9000 ft. and above is allowed the allowance of Rs1060 pm. To Rs1100pm depending upon the rank of the officer and place of posting.

Uniform Allowance-
Initial allowance for a one-time kit @ Rs. 14,000/- and Rs. 3,000/- for every three years.

Transport Allowance
The officers are also entitled to get the allowance for traveling city to city. They get Rs3200/= plus dearness allowance per month for traveling in A-1or A class cities.
For other cities, traveling cost of Rs1600 plus DA are admissible to officers.

NDA Pilot salary allowances
The Army Aviators (Pilots) serving in the Army Aviation Corps are entitled to Flying Allowance as under-

S. No. Rank Flying Allowance (in Rs)
1 Brigadier and above 10,500
2 Major to Colonel 14000
3 Captain 11000
4 Lieutenant 9000

NDA Salary after 7th pay commission

The salary which you have seen above is all set according to the 7th pay commission. After 7th pay commission, the officers are benefitted a lot because their salary has been hiked a good percentage. They are getting attractive perks, allowances and grade pay.

NDA Promotion & Career Growth

The career growth and the promotions of the officers in the NDA service are purely based on two processes.
• First is the time scale and
• Second is the selection.
In a time scale, the officer is entitled to get promotion as per the time being. The years which he has spent in the service promotes him further to the next level officer.

Initial allowance for a one-time kit @ Rs. 14,000/- and Rs. 3,000/- for every three years, provided that the officer is not involved in any indiscipline and he has completed his training programs.

In the selection process, various promotional exams are carried out in which the officer of one scale is directly promoted to higher scales.

Promotion to the rank of Colonel is both by Selection and Time Scale. Selection for Colonels (Selection Grade) is done by considering all eligible Lieutenant Colonels’ performance.

Promotions from Colonel (Selection Grade) to Brigadier to Major General to Lieutenant General, in General, are purely on performance up to and including preceding rank.

This is all about the salary structure of the NDA officers. You will never be disappointed with the salary structure. It always attracts new aspirants to fight for this exam.

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